Rhinohide canopy Videos

A comprehensive  installation on a Zero Turn mower.

The Rhinohide canopy Easy OFF ON demo & a static strength test with a comparison with two other canopies

The Easy OFF/ON model being safely removed & reinstalled


  Take a Wild ride thru the trees

Canopy Don with the help of friends Bust the White canopy MYTH

Well its my theory that when you drive around and its my experience that you will start moving air over you & the canopy even if there is no other breeze. The ambient air is going to cool you and the canopy shell. I don’t think  you would be able to measure the difference at head level. I’ve taken some temp measurements just driving around that leads me to believe this…BUT NO We’ve never done a side by side test. UNTIL NOW…. I WANT TO PUT THIS TO THE TEST ---- BECAUSE ONCE AND FOR ALL I WANT TO BUST THE MYTH THAT A WHITE Canopy is going to be a lot cooler than a black one. So we have gone to some amount of trouble to set up a side by side test …. LETS GO THERE NOW & SEE THE RESULTS….



Shown on a John Deere 3000 series along with trailering and a run over demo.