Rhinohide Canopy Tough TESTS

Unretouched photo after all this abuse

My old Yanmar couldn't kill the Rhinohide canopy!

My poor garage A/C had the poor misfortune of being hit twice,

A backyard pear tree came out on the losing end.

This is what happens when 20 ga birdshot meets Rhinohide at 20 feet.

I don't recommend you do this at home, but if you do, this is what my personal Rhinohide canopy has lived thru since my installation last June on my new Ferris. You can get into all kinds of situations when your watching the ground and forget about your canopy. A canvas, ABS, or fiberglass shell would not have survived.

This is a competitors ABS  shell that had a collision with a large limb. I was able to provide a Rhinohide shell as a replacement.


When my Ferris Zero Turn met up with my new Kioti CK35 for the first time this is what I think I heard. 

"You may be bigger but I'm just as TOUGH, bet you can't do a wheelie"?


This is a good time to remind you if possibly you are a little slam bang like me you might want to think about the EASY OFF/ON model where in  just a couple of minutes you can avoid all this havoc . This advise pretty much applies to the Ztrac & small tractor mowers. Mow your property giving wide berth to the hazzards then remove and go back and finish up...just a thought.

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